What is the operating lease of "Bene-Exclusive"?

   When a company requires a vehicle, there are two solutions - either the company buys a car or uses the operating leasing services.

   If a company owns several vehicles, there is a need for an appropriate number of staff, additionally, owning a vehicle is quite often associated with unexpected cases and costs. When you buy a car (no matter what terms you use, be it leasing or a car loan), the car becomes the property of the company after the expiration of the contract, while in case of purchasing a car under operating leasing, you only use the car, and the rest of the obligations and costs remain with us.

We currently offer operating leasing to companies in all categories of vehicles - sedans, crossovers, minivans and business class. If desired, we can offer our customers both new and used vehicles..

What advantages does the operating leasing have?

There are many advantages for companies when choosing operating leasing:

  • Less monthly expenses
  • Insured and technically maintained vehicles
  • Less administration and staffing need
  • Simple financial control - one invoice principle
  • Less property tax
  • Constatnly updated fleet
  • In case of damage, replacement with a new one
  • Most importantly, rent as long as you want

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